Mana Diamonds

With a passion for jewellery design and the creative spirit for it, Suman Billa has always known the ins and outs of jewellery. When family and friends started to notice the talent hidden away, they encouraged Suman to explore and expand on this interest of hers. This led her to establish Mana Diamonds, which is short for her daughter’s name, Manasvi. Mana also means ‘ours’, which is symbolic of the brand.

With a vision to express the passion that had grown over the years, Suman’s fresh ideas made her a force to reckon with. Their latest collection is a fun fusion of contemporary styles and traditional Telugu bridal jewellery, Suman said, “We keep the focus on the diamond, Kundan, and Polki style jewellery, which will leave you stunned”. Their bid to appeal to brides with their Telugu bridal designs has proven to be quite a hit as the myriad of pieces in the collection are gorgeous in their own way! Suman explained, “Our commitment to maintaining the quality of the diamonds makes our products unique. We strive to understand the customer’s special requirements and specifications which we try to inculcate in our designs. Our customers always have the option to customise as they please.” Suman further added that Mana Diamond’s priority is to introduce new and creative designs that will satisfy their customers while being chic and one of a kind.

Their bestsellers include chokers, long haarams, and exquisite diamond earrings. Suman loves to work with precious and semi-precious beads. “I enjoy working with assortments of diamonds as they are elegant and can be worn with traditional or contemporary clothes, making them highly versatile,” Suman added.

So where does the inspiration behind these masterpieces come from? “It is quite evident in my designs I draw inspiration from nature. I have also been exposed to Telugu traditional jewellery, and that has reflected heavily in my work. I love to experiment and let my thoughts wander. It’s always fun to try out the various possibilities!” Suman concluded.

Ultimately, the brand’s main goal has always been to maintain honesty and integrity by ensuring the customer’s great value for their purchases. With the synthetic diamonds flooding the market, it can get difficult to parse the real from the fake, unless a lab test is involved. Thus Mana Diamonds ensure to get their diamonds certified by the International Gemology Institute (IGI). One thing we know for sure is that Mana Diamonds is here to stay! 


Mana Diamonds
Road no. 10, Banjara Hills. Ph: 040 27423706

 - Rubaina