The much-loved pan-Asian restaurant chain in Delhi is known for its quirky cuisine. Promoted by Azure Hospitality, the restaurant takes forward their philosophy of ‘food, fun, taste and innovation’, because the name literally means ‘to play with food’.

The eatery is currently offering a menu titled Asian Experiments that focuses on new palates and newly engineered tastes, and takes patrons on a culinary adventure with a blend of flavours. The idea behind the menu is to showcase two cuisines that are polar opposites.
Some dishes challenge the traditional perceptions of Oriental/pan-Asian food and are considered to be ‘modern Asian’, whereas other parts of the menu take you back to the Asian food archives, continuing to discover from the rich vault of kitchen traditions. There’s an array of superbly flavoured curries and light salads from the city streets of Southeast Asia.

Some of the must-tries on this menu include the Asian Ravioli, the Healthy Raw Salad, the Slim Sumo Salad, the Wasabi Hummus and Pita, the Saigon Bowl, the Singapore Race Club Curry, and the Thai Go-Go Curry.

The Mamagoto Bar is known for its exotic concoctions, and this season doesn’t disappoint with Pop Rocks, where your favourite cocktails will be served on a stick. These are homemade spiced or fruit popsicles that focus on flavoured ice blended into shaken cocktails, all in an exciting seamless way. Available as mocktails and vodka-based cocktails are blueberry, honey and mint, orange and litchi flavours.