Malvi Malhotra takes to Reading during the Lockdown

Actress Malvi Malhotra who was shooting round the clock before the recent lockdown that was imposed in Maharashtra, has decided to give her passion for reading sometime now. “Reading is to the mind what exercising is to the body,” she says, so it’s fair to say that the pretty actress is racking up the neurons and working on her intellect.

Malvi has a heart of gold and she has started working with an NGO and the Mumbai police to help women fight the crimes being done to them and she is creating a lot of awareness in this regard.

Talking about her love for reading, Malvi said, “I am on a marathon reading adventure. The books take me to a different world altogether. I can't keep away from them. I even start and end my day with reading. I am reading all sorts of genres including fiction, self-help, science, mysteries, biographies. I have a huge collection of books including thosethat I read during my childhood. I started with the Cinderella Stories, Enid Blyton, and then moved on to biographies, drama, and modern science. It's a wonderful habit and helps with my profession too. I can memorise dialogues easily and I understand a scene better."

Time to take some inspiration from Malvi and start reading.