Makeup Secrets

When you need a quick fix or want to see immediate results in your skincare routine, patience is a virtue that often wears thin! But thanks to popular tips and some makeup secrets, there are ways to instantly improve your appearance in no time at all.  

With some extra effort and by using a few special techniques, your appearance can quickly change from ordinary to extraordinary! The trick is to know exactly how to do it, and where to apply which technique to enhance your look. Concentrating on the key areas of the face – the eyes, the lips and the cheeks – we bring you tips on how to look your absolute best with some simple techniques.   


Eye shadow

The eyes can make a strong first impression, and the right look can make all the difference to your appearance. Keep these points in mind and they’ll do wonders for your face:

  • If you’ve had a late night and your eyes look tired, blend some concealer into the outer corner of your eye. This will at least give the impression that you had a good night’s sleep!
  • After applying dark shades of eye shadow, sweep a little loose powder under your eyes. This ensures that falling specks are not left behind, and skin stains are prevented as well.
  • Near-sighted women who wear glasses tend to have an appearance of smaller looking eyes. To make your eyes look big, use brighter eye shadows and lots of mascara to highlight the eyes and give them more definition.
  • For a simple yet alluring look for the evening, use a black eye-liner, dark mascara and white eye shadow.
  • Those who have bluish or brown eyes should go for black eye-liner and light blue mascara in the day. In the evenings, opting for a blue eye-liner, blue mascara and blue eye shadow is ideal.
  • To separate clogged lashes use a clean, damp mascara wand. Use damp cotton buds to clean blobs from the surrounding skin.


Lip stick

First, it’s essential to know the basics. For the lips, the absolute must-haves are:

•    lip liner
•    lipstick
•    lip gloss
•    lipstick brush

Outlining your lips is the first important step, so make sure to define the shape of your lips before applying lipstick. Always remember to match the colour of your lip liner with your lipstick. When applying colour on your lips, use a brush for an even application. If you want to make your lips look larger, go for a brighter shade of lipstick. If it’s a smaller appearance you want, then wear dark and more muted colors. Lip gloss with glitter is a popular choice in the evenings, and they can add just the right amount of extra shine to your look.


Cheek brush

The cheeks cover the largest area of your face, and so it’s important to get it right. Here are some basic tips to help you get started:

  • To create naturally rosy cheeks use a shade of pink that is closest to your skin tone. Begin brushing on the apple of your cheeks and finish off in the direction of the hairline. For even results, apply blusher on your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.
  • To find out where the natural glow of your cheeks appears, bend over for a minute and slowly stand straight. The flush on your cheeks will reveal the right spot to apply blush.
  • During the day, use makeup on your cheeks sparingly; too much can create a plastic look. In the late evenings and night, go for deeper and more dramatic shades.
  • If you want to slim down the cheeks, use a face powder that is a couple of shades darker than your usual one.
  • Add a drop of witch hazel to your foundation. This is especially good for oily skin, and protects acne and pimple-prone skin.

A general but important tip to remember is to never blow dry your hair after applying makeup. The heat from the dryer can make you perspire and end up smudging your makeup.

Lastly, here’s a quick fix remedy to help liven you up after a long night out. Apply some concealer on the inner corners of your eyes, under your lower lashes and next to your nose. Swirl on some bronzer over your cheeks and voila…you’re all set to go!     - Hewasa