Makeup Maven - Gazal Rawlyani talks with You & I

After working in the marketing sector for four years, Gazal Rawlyani decided to take her love of makeup further by pursuing a professional course in makeup and hair followed by working with renowned international beauty brand, MAC Cosmetics. She’s now a freelance makeup artist who loves painting people’s faces and making them look pretty. This gorgeous lady is the perfect model for her own work as she’s always impeccably turned out.

From the hospitality business to beauty, how did the shift come about?
When you pass out of college it’s understood that you have to get yourself a job, and so I did. I was into marketing for four years, from F&B to Hospitality, but staring at a computer all day was never my thing.

Luckily for me, I have extremely supportive parents who encouraged me to go to Mumbai and pursue a professional course in makeup because they knew that is where my interest lies. It was scary at first, of course, but now when I look back, I’m so glad I did what I did!

What drove you to get into the makeup and beauty field?
Makeup to me is art. I enjoyed fine arts in school and loved the idea of painting people’s faces. I believe that beauty is universal and makeup is one way to let it shine through. I love the effect makeup can have on a person’s overall style and attitude, and I strive to enhance both with my work.

I am fortunate that I have the opportunity to follow my dreams and passion through my profession.

You had an opportunity to work with renowned beauty brand, MAC Cosmetics, quite early into your beauty career. How did that happen?
Brands like MAC are very open to good artists. The only way to become an artist is to practice and MAC gives you a platform and the right tools to explore.
They have a large community of artists and people are very friendly and inspiring there. Personally I feel anyone who wants to get into the field should work with a cosmetics retail store; it really doesn’t get better than that.

What was the most important thing you learnt there?
One of my biggest takeaways from MAC was reading my customer/ client—it’s important to understand what people want and how they want to feel. I am definitely a more confident artist now and looking to explore the outside world.

And how different is it to be working as a freelance makeup artist now?
People have been very warm and appreciative of my work right from the beginning; that drives me as an artist to do something different and continue to upgrade my skills. I just finished a hairstyling course from Goa too. The learning never stops.

Freelancing is exciting and challenging, there is a sea of opportunities in the outside world. It’s safe to say that my efforts have snowballed into an amazing and enriching career.

Who does your clientele consist of?
My clientele predominantly consists of young brides and guests of weddings and parties. Social channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have created a great market for people to reach out to us makeup artists. But my forte is bridal makeup because I believe that every bride wants and deserves to look her best on her big day... I definitely caught the ‘bridal bug’ (laughs)!

What is your favourite makeup trick?
This is a trick I discovered for myself because wearing a full coverage foundation everyday can get too heavy. For a no makeup, look, use concealer of your shade on parts of your face where you need it (blemishes, under eyes) using your fingers to warm up the product, and tap gently. Finish it off with a pressed or loose setting powder. Try it!

And one product you can’t do without?
Meher lipstick and Soar lip pencil from MAC, I love it!

What according to you is a major faux pas that women make when it comes to makeup?
It is definitely ashy looking skin. Women can sometimes go terribly wrong with their choice of foundation. They pick a shade or two lighter than their skin colour, but instead of looking brighter they end up looking grey and pale.

What’s your current favourite look?  
The current trends are all about showing your skin through. I’m loving the dewy skin with soft smoky eye, fake lashes, and glossy lips. International artists like Hung Vanngo are amazing!    
                                                                                                          ---- as told to Niharika