Make Your Apartment Seem More Spacious

Moving into a small apartment can be stressful especially when you have limited space; here are some suggestions for what to buy and how to make your apartment feel comfortable and manageable at the same time to give a sense of warm and a homey feeling for your guests.

1)    Sofa combined bed is a good idea as it can be used as a sofa for daily use and when it’s time for a movie night convert the sofa  into a bed.  Throw in small cushions that can be arranged in a way that it creates a cosy comfort feeling when a watching a movie.

2)    Have a clear wall to project movies to create a home theatre like look. This is useful because the living room is converted into a home theatre by simply using a projector to watch movies.

3)    Side tables are very useful specially when serving your guests snacks, try and look for a side table with draws so that you can put napkins or whatever you would like that would be easy access when you have people over.

4)    Tall thin lamps are useful because it lights up the room enough and you have the freedom to place your light wherever you want as a suggestion place them in the corner so that it they aren’t in the way and room is not to bright.

5)    Add few floating shelves around the living room. You can place small plants to add a touch of green and nature for the room. A quick suggestion would be plants such as Pothos, Aloe Vera and jade. If you are fan of art, hang up small art works, big ones would be hard to handle and maintain, in a room filled with so much furniture, instead you can hang one in your room above your bed! And Last but not least candles are a must for your shelves! Today, stores have many different flavours, light up your candles to have a beautiful aroma in your house.