Make-up Trends 2016

The year 2016 invites vibrancy, freshness, and drama – from statement lips and sprouty brows to sparkling eyes. The aim is to achieve a look that’s classy and chic, highlighting one feature at a time and maintaining a simple but striking look overall.
Trend #1: No Make-Up Look
The look this season emphasises barely there make-up, the overall happy glow look, and a dewy and luminous face. Pay attention to one prominent feature and highlight either your eyes or your lips. My make-up secret to achieving glowing, soft, natural and real-looking skin is to invest in a beauty oil and pair it with a quality highlighter to enhance your radiance. Sharpen your strobing skills to get that illuminated complexion. I’m pretty excited that glowing skin is in this season, which I feel is super-feminine. And follow the regular skin care regimen with a healthy diet to feel good from inside out.
Trend #2: Bronzed Cheeks
Bronzed cheeks are in this season; use them against a bare skin as a highlighter. Contouring will remain in focus but remember to go gentler with your contouring for a more believable look.
Go all out with shimmers, glitters and sparkles on your eyes 
Trend #3: Shimmery Eyes
This season, go all out with shimmers, glitters and sparkles on your eyes. I would suggest sequins, metallic and shimmer dust on your eyelids, and combine them with a natural peach blush and nude lips. Use a pair of dramatic lashes for effect. Metallic eye shadows are still prominent amongst the top beauty trends of 2016. Electric blue, green and graphic liners make an entry too. Pair these bold liners with a rosy-hued eye palette, bronzed cheeks and bare lips. And bold, thick and fluffy brows will develop as a trend in 2016.
Trend #4: Classic Red Lips
Red lips make an official entry, as proclaimed by prominent make-up artists as the “colour of the season”. Red lips can be worn both during the day as well as in the evenings. I would suggest subtle eyes with a hint of mascara and red lips to be applied with a lot of precision during the day. For the evening, pair the classic red lips with highlighted bronzed cheeks, a sunset eye palette and tones of mascara. Red lips look refreshingly elegant and feminine, and they’ll be shining this year like never before. Perfectly outlined ‘power lips’ will also make a huge impact.
Red lips make an official entry 
Tip: To keep the lip colour in place, apply the lipstick. Press a 2-ply tissue on the lips and dab a powder puff on top. Remove the tissue and reapply the lip colour. Repeat 2 or 3 times.
Trend #5: Asymmetrical Hair
This season it’s loose ponytails, wind-blown hair, ropey twists and lots of hair accessories in the form of girly glamour. So, go with asymmetrical hair that would look more flattering than perfect. It’s the whole idea of a little bit of chaos; if you feel it’s wrong, it’s right!
This season, look playful, super feminine, kind of retro, kind of modern, all put together. Feel that proper Eureka moment when you step out. So here’s to all this and more in 2016!
Shilpa Jain
Celebrity Makeup Artist