Maintenance and cleaning

It is possible to clean some kinds of jewellery at home, while others require special care and professional help. The basics such as gold and silver can be cleaned at home, while platinum requires only professional cleaning as it can get scratched. Jewellery with gems and precious stones such as diamonds and others can be cleaned at home using just warm water or a mild soap. Others such as pearls and opals can be cleaned only professionally.

The age of the jewellery also matters. Poor maintenance of jewellery will loosen the stones over time, and can cause skin irritation and allergies. Professional cleaning involves an ultrasonic bath, using a cleaning solution. It later passes through a steam cleaner. Other delicate materials just get brushed lightly in soapy water.

Following the cleaning process, the jewellery is rinsed, dried, and thoroughly inspected. The ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasonic waves and a combination of chemicals create bubbles that tend to cling to the dirt and oil or any other unknown impure substances. The high frequency, ultrasonic waves are sent out and help pull the impurities off the jewellery. The bubbles then collapse and move towards the surface of the chemical solution, creating something that appears to be a boiling solution.