Maintaining A Healthy Diet

Healthy eating is fast becoming a new lifestyle choice. It makes you look and feel younger, detoxes your body and keeps you in great form! But for many, there’s nothing to beat losing weight in the process. By maintaining a healthy diet, you won’t have to worry about putting on weight anymore. Combine it with a regular workout and you’ll be shedding those excess kilos in no time.

Sridevi Jasti, a nutritional consultant, lifestyle coach and a raw-food expert, tells us more about healthy eating. Sridevi’s passion for delicious healthy food coupled with her formal education in nutrition both at bachelors and masters level, have allowed her to under-take her lifelong goal of mastering the art of combining healthy cooking and tasty food!   She is currently working on her upcoming book, Healthy Gourmet Every Day: How to Make Your Meals Twice as Healthy Without Extra Work.

Sridevi has spent over 20 years perfecting her culinary skills and developing her own style of cooking called ‘Healthy Gourmet Every Day’. It’s essentially a combination of healthy eating and great taste. She conducts classes on exciting and great tasting healthy food preparation techniques, with the emphasis on raw food, good nutrition, weight loss and detox.

This healthy eating trend is already popular in the US with movie stars, supermodels, musicians, and other celebrities. Proponents include Madonna, Sting, Robin Williams, Demi Moore, bestselling author Dr. Frank Oz and countless others. Sridevi now wants to popularise the growing phenomenon of tasty and healthy eating in India.
Raw is Good!

It’s a simple yet powerful idea to have a good portion of each meal (if not the entire meal) enjoyed in its raw, natural uncooked form, without any sacrifice on taste. In North America, consuming raw food is becoming a more popular food choice. It’s been around for decades and has been rapidly growing over the last 10 years.
The modern Indian diet consists almost entirely of cooked foods. However, a well-balanced diet should include a lot of raw vegetables, sprouts (they are protein-rich and readily available), soaked seeds, lots of greens, fruits, nuts, especially almonds (soaked overnight to enhance their digestibility) and a good amount of unprocessed and unheated, cold-pressed oils like olive oil, flax oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, avocado, coconut oil and fish oil.  

These foods are very rich in nutrients and enzymes when eaten raw or uncooked, but their nutritional value is frequently reduced or eliminated when cooked. Research has even revealed that including raw, nutrient-dense alkaline-forming foods as a large percentage of your diet (50% or more) allows for greater bio-availability of vital nutrients, which our bodies crave.
New Life

Eating more nutrient-dense raw foods with every meal provides many health benefits. They help:

  • Slow your body’s ageing process
  • Keep you young, vibrant and full of energy
  • Keep illnesses at bay and can even have reversing effects
  • Maintain an ideal weight or lose weight when needed
  • Prevent you from feeling lethargic or heavy after meals
  • Detoxify your body every day
  • Instill good eating habits for life
  • Prevent diseases by boosting your immunity and giving your body the healthy nutrients it needs to fight against them

Feel Lighter!
For a healthier and lighter body, remember these basic facts when you’re eating or out shopping for food:

  • Processed and packaged foods are low in essential nutrients and can easily lead to weight gain. But that does not mean immediately giving up on everything you eat. Gradually, add a new healthy food habit and cut down on the bad ones each week.
  • Prepare exciting multi-ingredient salads and make them a part of every meal.
  • Stay away from soft drinks; they’re loaded with calories and sugars. Chips and other packaged snacks, including bottled juices (which have low nutrient content and added sugar) should also be avoided. Except for an occasional treat, try to avoid Indian traditional sweets, fried snacks, and Western snacks like pizzas, cakes and cookies.
  • When shopping, remember the label “fat free” does not necessarily mean fat free. It actually means that the product has no added fat. However, it can still have a lot of sugar, which can easily turn into fat in your body.
  • Too much caffeine and excess milk products can lead to weight gain.
  • Try to avoid highly-processed simple carbohydrates which can easily convert into sugar and fat. These foods include anything made with refined wheat flour (maida) such as white breads, baked goods and white rice. Brown rice is better for you, but always remember to eat in moderation. Also, don’t be fooled by breads that look brown; often they are not whole grain breads, but mainly white flour breads with molasses or artificial colour additives.
  • Learning to enjoy foods in their natural, fresh and raw state is the best way to ensure optimal health while achieving and maintaining an ideal weight. Develop these new eating habits, especially among children, and enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle today!     - Hewasa