Main Hoon Na Tera: A Song of Hope Empathy and Solidarity

Pandemic has been tough for each stratum of society in its own way. However, migrant workers and daily wage earners are the ones who are in dire need in this period of crisis. At the start of the lockdown, migrant workers were struggling to get to their hometowns, but now even though a lot of them are with their families, they are coerced to be with no food, money and work. To support them, a lot of people have come together and helped them in every possible way. In one such act of humanity, Bollywood singer-composer Vishal Dadlani, lyricist Poojan Sahil and a capella group Penn Masala have composed and dedicated a song to all the migrant workers and daily wage earners who have been struggling for survival amid COVID-19. Launched on August 29, 2020, the song opens with a line “Main hoon na tera, Na soch tu hain yahan akela, mushkil ghadi mein saath koi ho na ho, Main hoon na tera”. This melody of hope, empathy and solidarity is an appeal to all the viewers to pitch in and stand together with those in need.

The song has been created from home. Every vocalist recorded the audio from their respective places – from Pune, Delhi, San Francisco, Boston, Phoenix, Portland, and New Jersey – and sent it for the final edits to bring out this song of compassion.

Speaking about the need of such composition in these trying times, Vishal adds, “What makes us human? I believe compassion makes us human. In India, we have migrant workers still struggling during the pandemic. The crisis continues, the trouble continues, the pain continues. If we can find it in our hearts to come together and even now, help them a little more - as much as we can, I think we can make a huge difference. If not now, then when?”                              – Srivalli