The Magic of Meera - Meera Singh

Meera Singh is one of the women we admire the most. One of the city’s most successful female icons, Meera’s path to fame was never easy. In her case, many eyebrows were raised when she entered the male-dominated corporate world where women were not readily welcomed. Today, she has achieved significant success as the chief brand custodian of Gati, an express distribution, supply chain, and logistics company in India.

Raised in Sikkim amidst the Buddhist culture, Meera Singh is a humanitarian with strong beliefs and moral values. From winning a gold medal for securing the highest marks in the Northeast during her school days, to helming the development of the 6,000-crore company, Gati, from its nascent stage, Meera has a lengthy list of accomplishments. Her dynamic career has been balanced by her strong spirituality. A follower of Sadhguru and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, her innate compassion stems from their philosophical teachings. “Sadhguru is my guru and His Holiness the Dalai Lama is my spiritual father,” she states. “Ever since my father passed away at the age of 49, the Dalai Lama has been mentoring my family, and my brother has joined him as a monk.”

A highly visible fixture on the Hyderabad charity circuit, she has chaired many fundraising events for underprivileged, orphaned, and handicapped children through her Art with a Heart initiative. A versatile personality, Meera believes that in times of crisis, a true leader’s talents and abilities are put to the test, and only someone with true potential emerges from the challenge. She joined TCI (Transport Cooperation of India) where she didn’t know anything about logistics. Over time, Meera realised that her field is creativity, brand building, and customer service. Transport was an unorganised sector, and she gave it the polish it needed. This was her very first approach, and following this, she started Gati 27 years ago.