Love for Power - Harshvardhan Rane

Actor and adrenaline junkie Harshvardhan Rane is known to live on the edge always. His passion for automobiles resulted in him buying a one-of-its kind bike, the BMW R Nine T Scrambler. A proud owner of the only such bike in the country, Harshvardhan often sets off for road trips on his most prized possession, but says he prefers to do so alone. We got chatting with the Paltan actor about his love for power and more. Take a look at what he had to say!

What thrills you more, speed or power?
I think power because I enjoy mud terrain more than racing tracks. It’s very symbolic for me when you have the power to overcome obstacles.

What bike are you currently crushing on?
I’m not really crushing on anything other than what I already have. I have the BMW R Nine T Scrambler, a 1200 cc bike, and it’s the only one in the country. The same bike was recently featured in the Tom Cruise starrer Mission: Impossible – Fallout. But if I have to keep another bike apart from this one, it would be the BMW GS. It’s a touring bike which is taller and bigger.

What was the most memorable road trip you went on?
It was a time when I randomly started riding from Mumbai and rode for 11 hours to finally reach Indore. That particular ride is very close to my heart. Another memorable one was my first ride on the BMW, last December. My friend Ejaz Khan and I decided to ride to Goa and to our luck his bike had to be serviced thrice on the way. We were in touch through Bluetooth helmets and were constantly updating each other on the road ahead. That was a fun ride!

What are your travel essentials?
A small camera to help make memories, a pair of gloves, a charged helmet, some water, and a few clothes!

Who is your favourite co-traveller for a road trip?
I haven’t really done many group rides; I’m more of a spontaneous solo rider. But it’s definitely something I’d like to try.

Two wheeler or four wheeler, what’s your pick?
A 4×4 jeep is my pick any day because it goes over any obstacle and resonates with what I believe in—slow and steady but powerful.

Who was your first pillion rider?
My little sister. When I started riding, I used to ride my dad’s Yezdi 350 cc, and my dad once asked me to drop my sister to school. I can never forget the way she held me until we reached her school safe and sound (laughs)!  

What’s the one destination you would like to travel to on a bike?
I would love to discover Bhuj in Gujarat and see the flat white plains and test my bike’s limits on the same.

What’s your favourite biking gear?
A lovely helmet and a pair of gloves.    --- as told to Niharika