Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Giant Collection

Louis Vuitton recently unveiled its all-new Monogram Giant Collection and it is stunning! The latest collection features products such as the speedy bag, zippy wallet, the LV iconic reversible belt, and the XL shawliconic – all with the magnified monogram print!

George Vuitton created the iconic Louis Vuitton motif in the year 1896. The design of this French label was inspired from the delicacy of the four-petal flower pattern on the Gien earthenware tiles, which were in the family’s kitchen in Asnières. Adding the L and V intertwined – the initials of the founder of the Maison, then enriched the model. Today, the monogram pattern of this iconic brand – Louis Vuitton stands for the brand’s excellence, of their savoir-faire à la française. Women who love this brand and its monogram will definitely fall in love, head over heels with this collection!    - Courtesy: Luxatic.com