Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Pour Homme

Louis Vuitton has created wave after wave over their many years in the fashion and beauty industry. LV has now come out with their first ever fragrance collection for men. Created by the acclaimed master perfumer for the brand, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, this new collection has been named Les Parfums Pour Homme and includes five fragrances that are incorporated to celebrate an explorer on a mission of freedom, self revelation, masculine energy, and pioneering sensibility. Overall, this fragrance is said to be inspired by the evolution of men’s fashion. Your choices include the woody Orage, the sharp l’Immesite, the cocoa infused Nouveau Monde, the grassy Sur La Route, and the sandalwood laced Au Hasard.  All the scents bend unique combinations together to create blissfully seductive fragrances. Although even one of each will set you back, you cannot put a price on LV’s amazing quality.                  Courtesy: luxatic.com