Louis Vuitton Horizon Soft Rolling Luggage

Louis Vuitton has been releasing some innovative creations that have been impressing fashionistas all over the world. Their recent hard case rolling luggage line made many jaws drop, and now, we have an all-new collection, Horizon Soft that consists of lightweight suitcases. They have been designed meticulously and are the brain-child of Louis Vuitton and the famed Marc Newson, one of the biggest industrial designers in the scene.

Horizon Soft suitcases are designed to be lightweight, practical, and sturdy, all while packing enough space for that vacation you’ve been looking forward to.  It is also extremely easy to handle, so you won’t feel like you’re lugging around a huge rock with you while you stressfully navigate the airport. The design has been created using newly-introduced technology, which created an outer shell with thermo-formed 3D knit that includes a double sided jacquard. The technical yarn utilised for the knit of the cases is thermo fusible. The most fascinating part is that the yarn is made of elastic threads which are thermo-formed in a smooth single piece. After a lot of testing, these babies are finally ready to roll out. The aluminum handle, the TSA approved zip-lock pull lock system with three digit combination, and the tiny wheels made this suitcase safe and silent.     - Courtesy: Luxatic.com