High-end luxury brand Louis Vuitton has always been associated with the art of travelling. The brand’s luggage pieces have become a staple for luxe jet-setters, especially the classic trunks that have become an LV signature.

Louis Vuitton launched a new stylish bicycle, in collaboration with MaisonTamboite. The LV bike by Louis Vuitton x MaisonTamboite is a refined version of the MaisonTamboite Paris model. The seat and frame of this beautiful bicycle is wrapped in the signature LV monogrammed leather. It consists of a nice monogram flower chainset and an interlocking LV shaped frame incorporated into the design. The handlebars are made out of bright red leather. There is a monogram leather luggage compartment right above the rear wheel. This classic bike also has some old-school features, such as incorporating wood for the mudguards and multi-spoke rims lined with a wooden red and white LV branded wheel trim. This bicycle is very much designed for the 21-century shoppers, as it consists of LED lights, built-in tracker, and strategically placed shock absorbers underneath the seat. Louis Vuitton is selling four versions of this luxurious bike in their stores worldwide. The four versions come in different colours- the first one is an LV bicycle monogrammed with red Louis Vuitton perforated Mahina leather, the second is the Damier graphite look with yellow, black and grey shades. The third is a special lime-yellow colourway and finally an exclusive Nicolas Ghesquière-designed Since 1854 Monogram.      - Web: luxatic.com.