Lockdown Living: Ways to strengthen family bond

Family is one of the greatest gift to mankind. All of us at some point or the other in our lives have people who we keep coming back to again and again, these are the ones who love us unconditionally regardless of how we have shaped as an individual. How many of us have people who we can call as family?

In today’s fast paced world, with technological advancements, changing cultural norms and priorities, people are becoming more and more occupied than ever before. Spending time with their own family or having a family has become a challenge. Well it is important that we should all strive in order to earn money to provide a comfortable life for ourselves and our loved ones but that shouldn't be the only goal. In this modern world, having a loving family is very essential than ever before. Several studies have shown that having a family and spending quality time with loved ones has numerous benefits, especially for children. Some of these benefits are- Regardless of whether you have a small or a big family, living with people who you share an emotional bond and moral values, helps us to feel safe and protected despite our shortcomings. Families also teach children about relationships and skills that are essential to lead a  content life.  Right from the birth of a human being until his death, family is the only single most importance influence in shaping his/her life.  

A good relationship with family members is like a fuel that strengthens not only our  physical but also our mental wellbeing. On the other hand, if relationships with  loved ones is not working it can drain you both emotionally and physically. For those of you who are living with family members who do not get along well can be  challenging especially in these difficult times. Although seeking help from a professional might be a good option but there are several other ways to strengthen your bond with your spouse and your children.  

Ways to strengthen your bond with your partner-

• Respect your partner- One of key aspects of building a strong and a trustworthy relationship is to learn to respect your partner. Respect shows that you care for your spouse and that you are truly proud of the kind of individual that he/she is. If ever you are in a doubt about how to treat your spouse or for that matter anyone with respect, you should ask yourself how you would like to be treated.

• Support your partner- Life is not always filled with happiness, there will be times when you may have to face some challenges. It holds the same for your partner too. One of the secrets to a healthy marriage is having a supportive spouse. Being supportive doesn't mean that you will have to solve your partner’s problems, rather you should let them know that you will always stay by their side no matter how hard life may get. Listening to their problems and giving them an assurance that you will never leave them alone is all it takes to strengthen your bond with the love of your life.

• Spend quality time with your partner- No matter how occupied you are with your work or other things in life, it is very essential to allocate  some quality time with your partner. Going on a date or just staying home and spending time with your partner can really strengthen your bond with him/her. You must make a point to communicate with your partner and most importantly you should be honest. Good connection, great sex is all that is needed to ensure that your relationship remains stable.

Ways to strengthen your bond with your children-

Have you were thought about what it takes to be a good parent to your child? Do you want to raise a healthy and a happy child? Well the secret is to develop a strong connection with your child. Often times, it is just not enough to tell your child how much you love them, rather you must show them that love.  Showing your child how much she/he means to you is very important.  Spend quality time with them, teach them morals and values in life, see things from your child’s perspective and most importantly give them assurance that no matter how much they may test your patience you will still love them unconditionally.

• Work on building a solid foundation- Research shows that parents who share a strong bond with their child right from the time they are born, these children grow up to be successful individuals. Playing, snuggling or reading to your new born are some great ways to build a healthy relationship with your child. One of the best times for you and your partner to bond with your new born  is during bottlefeeding or breastfeeding. While feeding your child, you and your partner must take the opportunity to have maximum skin to skin contact that is holding your new born or gently touching his/her feet, cheeks. Apart from breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, some early bonding activities include: reading or singing to your baby, giving bath, and mirroring baby’s movements.

• Dedicate some time to your child- One of the ways to build a strong relationship with your child is to spend a few hours everyday with your child no matter how busy you are. It is nearly impossible to expect a good relationship with child, when you cannot spend some quality time with them everyday. Make it a point to spend atleast two to there hours with your child either playing or just simply talking to them.  Other activities to do with your children: Cook and eat with your child, create a spiritual ritual for you and your child, teach them moral values and reinforce positive behavior.

• Make them a priority in your life- One of the secret of good parenting is to be able to show your child that they are your first priority in life. Children do tend to grow fast, and as a parent it is your responsible to make them feel that you are always there for them, no matter how many challenges you may have to face. Some ways to show your child that you love them: Hug or kiss your child before going to bed, when you notice that your child needs your attention, you should leave everything that you are doing and stay with them, make your child feel like their opinion does matter in your day to day life, be proud of their achievements and encourage them to learn something that they are passionate about, follow through on any promises that you make, think of fun activities to do with your child and most importantly tell them that you love them very much every single day.

By following these simple ways you can build a strong lifelong relationship with your family.

- Akhila kakarala
Pic Courtsey: pixabay.com