Lock your skin moisture and shine this winter

Winters are always dangerous as they create havoc for your skin by reducing the moisture content. Here are few step by step guidelines to take care of your skin.

As these guidelines help you in looking good as well as prevent you from early signs of ageing.
Step 1:
Before starting any treatment make sure you know your skin type whether its dry, oily, normal, sensitive or combination skin, this helps you to buy suitable products and prevents you from further damaging your skin.

Step 2:
As skin becomes dry and flaky in winters it is very essential to lock in that extra moisture to keep the skin smooth and healthy. Always use soaps and face washes which are mild and unscented as they help in keeping the skin smooth and hydrated.  

Step 3:
As soaps play a major role in cleaning the dirt and pollutants but it is very much necessary to exfoliate the skin with scrub so as to remove that hidden dirt in the pores and eliminate the dead and dry cells.

Step 4:
As washing and scrubbing cleanses of the dirt from the skin it also washes away the moisture ,therefore it is very important to use a moisturizer after a wash.
choose a moisturizer which is best suitable for your skin type, as this helps in radiating your skin and keeping it healthy.

Step 5:
Always give that extra attention to your lips in winters as they tend to become chapped and splitting of lips. To smooth your lips and remove the flaky skin scrub your lips gently with generous amount of petroleum gel and rub with a soft toothbrush or with sugar, in circular motion and rinse it well this makes your lips smooth and clean, to lock in the moisture apply a lip balm which protects the lips from damaging .

Step 6:
Apart from external tips it is very essential to be healthy from within, a balanced diet with full of nutrients and vitamins helps to keep the skin healthy and glowing. Plenty of water consumption helps in hydrating your skin makes it look more radiant.