Lisa Potter- Dixon’s: Simple Tips for Getting Perfect Eye Lashes

Having beautiful eyes makes one look pretty and attractive. We all want to look beautiful by getting those perfect lashes. According to Benefit’s makeup artist Lisa Potter-Dixon here is a simple technique to get those long, thick beautiful lashes with just one mascara which is Benefit’s number one selling “they’re Real” mascara . This mascara gives a thicker, fuller and more defined lashes all the way from root to tip. This Benefit mascara is long lasting and non-drying. The brush attached to this mascara is designed in such a way that it curls and captures each of the lashes.

Top tips from Lisa Potter Dixon for perfect eye leashes:

•    Take your time- While putting mascara it is always better to do it slowly because if we try to rush it then it will end up messy and to clean the mess will take a lot of time.

•    Applying mascara- One should not start applying mascara from the top lash because when you look down it will spread. It is always better to start from the lower lash first and then go to the top lash.

•    Start with the wand- Start at the lash line. Gently twist the wand in a zigzag motion as you brush from the roots to tip and repeat. After finishing the middle section, move to the outer lashes, use the whisker to separate each lash.

•    Removing mascara- When trying to remove the mascara use a dry cotton bud not a wet one.

  -    Akhila kakarala
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