Light and Creativity

Mohammed Amanullah, of LIGHT FX – one of the most innovative and influential lighting designers in the contemporary scene – is rarely restricted in his art. Creating a combination of magic and movement, his work becomes a symbol of a previous presence as if it was an old friend. Bablu – as he is known as – has worked in weddings, events, and movie industry and created a beautiful atmosphere. You & I catches up with this artsy-eclectic lighting designer to talk about his company, his creative process, and what’s in store for the future.

How did your business cultivate and what path did it pass?
I started my career as an Assistant Lighting Designer and technician in Mumbai about 16 years ago. Following this, I then moved to Dubai in the year 2006 and worked there as a Lighting Designer. I was standing on my own by then, and I was ready for a new challenge. So, after a successful career there, I decided to move back to Hyderabad as a lighting designer for the television industry, which was in high demand then. Within four years, I launched my own company, LIGHT FX. Today, somewhere in between art and design, the company works on the expressive potential of light, without forgetting about the technique.

What are the specific kinds of solutions your brand can provide to your clients?
We supply lighting and trussing equipment to the theatre, arts, events, and film industries. We also provide the technical solution in terms of customised lighting and trussing design for all kinds of set designs. We are proficient in taking up the responsibility of complicated set designs and provide the best solutions with endless creativity and unique lighting programming.

Explain your creative process. What are the common challenges you face when creating and executing a project?
We participate mostly in pre-production rather than on-site planning. Generally, the people we collaborate with, they provide us with a list of their inspirations to discuss, which we further research. We try to understand the project, set designs, and client expectations beforehand and use our experience and creativity to make sure we provide a high level of service. One inevitable aspect of a project is the tendency of things getting left out or unresolved towards the end. This causes a lot of extra stress towards the end of the execution phase. With a motto of “The show must go on,” we, as a team, make sure we plan the event properly and don’t get all  the last-moment hiccups. In this way, we get to deal with the last-moment-left-outs in a more distributed manner.

What is the key in helping you achieve your business and personal objectives?
I owe my success to my team and staff. A special mention goes to my wife Shagufta Yasmeen and my friend Avinash Rao, who were there for me every time I needed them. I’ve people working with me from the initial days, and they are the power and key to my success.

What has been the largest event you have done, and the most enjoyable or rewarding event you have completed?
The biggest event we have been involved in was Iifa Utasvam, Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, Filmfare South, World Telugu Conference 2017, Television Awards Functions, and Herbal Life, etc. It was a blast! Currently, we are executing a collection of events for different people, and I’m proud to say that when these people come from other cities, they choose our firm over other lighting companies and lighting designers.

What are the main directions of your company?
We never stop moving forward; innovation is our proclamation. Technology is part of our DNA. It helps us realise our visions without clouding the visual landscape with unnecessary hardware and fixtures.

So, your business has enlarged a great deal ever since you started your company. Do you have any special strategic features to succeed?
We have put in hours of extra work and dedication to reach where we are, and my only aim is to work harder and become one of the largest lighting and trussing companies in South India.          
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    – as told to Anisha