Liberty 21

Tanishq Jain feels that the book of life comprises of a variety of chapters and it’s always about the journey and not the destination. And that’s why he embraces his experiences. From his younger days in Hyderabad to his education in the UK and right up to his present entrepreneurship days, Tanishq has always grabbed every opportunity that came his way to help make a difference.

His venture, Liberty 21, is a top-notch manufacturing company of uPVC doors and windows that are created using the most exceptional raw materials imported from Germany and the UK. They are meticulously hand-crafted to make exclusive designs that are unique to the brand. Considering how this one-stop-shop features the widest range of products in the industry, it surely offers the right solutions to all your problems related to uPVC doors and windows.

Tanishq explained, “The organisation is ingrained with the mindset that quality is not a choice but a responsibility. This helps us ensure the best quality in all our products.” And what’s Liberty 21’s uniqueness? “The brand is not just a logo, name, or colour. It’s a promise to deliver innovative and high-quality products to satisfy consumers. We must keep that promise at all costs.”

They offer a wide range of products, and their best-sellers include marvels such as the Twin Sash windows, the Fold and Slide doors, the Tilt and Turn windows, Vertical Sliders, and Parallel Windows, amongst several others. Having said that, their most popular products are the Conventional Casement, Sliding, and Fixed Windows. Many also opt for the wood finish range, which also offers the benefits of using uPVC.

When asked about the inception of the company, Tanishq said, “When I was in the UK, I was working with various companies in the British uPVC industry. I teamed up with one of the largest window manufacturing companies there and regularly interacted with them to keep the Indian market updated on the latest products available. We also have a team under an Austrian engineer, who has over 40 years of experience in the industry. This helps us analyse the suitability of the products.”

Led by the powerhouse Tanishq Jain, Liberty 21 has a vision to make a change and is here to stay!          

- Rubaina