Lazzarini Design’s Xenos Hyperyacht Comes With A Matching Bugatti

What are some things that come to your mind when you’re glancing upon a Bugatti? The exclusivity, speed and style? Whatever it is, you would feel lucky to own this masterpiece, but would that be enough? You might want to check out the magnificent Xenos hyper yacht.

This yacht is designed to achieve a speed of up to 90 knots, and it will create history by becoming the fastest 130 footers in the world. Renowned Italian yacht designer PierpaoloLazzarini added a matching Bugatti parked in the yacht’s mind-blowing garage. This is the price at a whopping amount of $32.8M. The Xenos hyper yacht spanning across 25 feet, allows customers to personalize the interior layout. This invention can be equipped with twin, triple, or quadruple engine setup. This yacht comes with photochromic windows and a solar electric system. Onboard, there is a lavish lounge on the upper deck, three spacious suites, a beautiful galley and a large living room on the lower floor.     -