The Latest Diamond Jewellery Collection from Klenota

The moving new Bezel assortment from the KLENOTA gems studio has been made for the free and certain lady. Clean, smooth lines and immortality are highlighted all through the Bezel adornments assortment. What’s more, yellow, white and rose 14k gold just as jewels, all in a bezel setting (after which the assortment is named), assume a featuring job. When taking a gander at gems in a bezel setting, you may ponder: how is it conceivable that the stone remains immovably fixed set up and doesn’t drop out? Jarmila Slívová, the proprietor of KLENOTA gem dealers in Prague, has uncovered: “This sort of setting has captivated me since the time we began creating gems. Its appeal lies in the way that it is difficult to see by taking a gander at the stone how it got inside the metal ring. You observe a jewel entirely set inside a metal neckline. It is a great strategy for our stone setters, but then its component stays somewhat of a puzzle to the normal individual.”    - Web: