Landscape Photography Tips

Every picture that a photographer takes falls under some category or theme. But at a given point of time one doesn’t just take pictures and drops it into one of the categories. It is important that one undertakes theme based photography rather than randomly clicking away at objects surrounding them. There are endless number of themes that one can pursue. One of the top theme among photographers is landscape photography. Now landscape photography is not as easy as it sounds. One has to follow certain landscape photography tips in order to capture the image perfectly.

lthough in most cases the subject does not move the trick is to have an open mind and wide imagination as the nature is your playground. The best aspect of this form of photography is that no two pictures are alike. The subject maybe same but the way you capture it is unique for every photographer. Let’s take a look as some of the landscape photo tips:


  • The depth of field should be maximum- This can be achieved by adjusting the aperture settings of the camera. Smaller is the aperture more is the depth of the field which in turn means better focus. But you should compromise on the brightness.
  • Ensure enough lighting- Now the amount of light the subject is exposed plays an important role in photography. Let in too much of light and the subject loses its identity and too little light can make the picture look blunt. The exposure can be controlled in various ways. One is definitely by manually adjusting the amount of light. However the camera can also perform a few tricks and the metering system is the photographer’s best friend. It corrects the about of exposure. There are various auto correct modes and settings in the camera that makes the job easier when adjusted properly.
  •  Use of tripods- This can help you take pictures by keeping the camera steady and getting a proper focus when the shutter speed is fast.
  • The sky factor- When it comes to landscape photography one simply cannot neglect the role played by the vast sky. With every changing hue and weather the sky brings in a new character to the picture. One can incorporate the difference aspects of the sky in different ways. Sometimes the sole picture of the sky with the beautifully patterned clouds are enough. Even the mere refection of the sky in clear waters make for a stunning image.


  • Capturing the movements- Most landscape photography involves the pictures of stagnant nature like calm waters or the horizon but one should not ignore the beauty of the nature when in motion. Be it the mighty waves or the raging storm or cool winds or waterfall pictures that capture motion are majestic.
  • Work in different hours of the day- Nature’s beauty can be visualized differently at different hours and every time point has a different story to tell. Not just different hours of the day but different seasons and weathers have their own special touch as well. All you need is the keen eye and the idea to capture the beauty.
  • You can always keep the pictures backed up in your camera but the real effect comes when you get these printed and make it into a photo album book. Opt for the bestonline photo service for editing and printing these pictures.  Photoalbum book creator allows you to arrange the pictures in a perfect layout along with captions.