Land Rover Revisits History

Land Rover has gone back to the place where it all began to start a year-long celebration of the iconic Defender. The unique sand drawing at Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey, UK marks the launch of three exclusive, limited-edition models.

As well, it is the beginning of an exciting, new chapter in the Defender story. As UK production of the current Defender enters its final phase, Land Rover will use 2015 to celebrate its global automotive icon.

Land Rover Vehicle Line Director Nick Rogers explains the significance of recreating one of the world’s most iconic vehicles. “Passion and enthusiasm surround everything we do with the Defender, and that will never change,” he said.

“With a history stretching back 68 years, this is a Land Rover that has thrived for decades on its unquestionable capability and iconic shape. I now have the honour of being one of the many enthusiasts at Land Rover committed to creating a fitting successor to the legendary Defender.”

To mark the announcement, Land Rover created the largest sand drawing ever produced in the UK. A Defender outline measuring a staggering 1 km across was drawn on the beach at Red Wharf Bay using a fleet of six Land Rovers.

The unique image is a tribute to the moment in 1947, when then-engineering director Maurice Wilks first sketched the shape for the original Land Rover in the same sand. He then proposed the idea to his brother Spencer, Rover’s managing director at the time.

“My father met his brother on the beach at Red Wharf Bay and made a drawing in the sand of how he thought the Land Rover could be made,” said Stephen Wilks, son of Maurice. “That was the start of it all; the conception of Land Rover.”

The Wilks family owned land on the Welsh island, and Maurice wanted a versatile vehicle that could double as a light tractor and off-roader. His forward-thinking design was christened ‘Land Rover’, the outline of which we now recognise as the Defender.                       ..... Land Rover Press