The Land of the Lion! - With beaches, lush wine lands, forests, and lagoons, South Africa

With beaches, lush wine lands, forests, and lagoons, South Africa, a country to the south of the African continent is the perfect vacation spot. With several distinct ecosystems, inland safari destinations, craggy cliffs, and the flat-topped Table Mountain, this country is one of the top must-visit places for nature lovers! Let’s take a short trip through the majestic lands of stunning South Africa!

A few of the main attractions of the country include Johannesburg, Cape Town, Phinda Game Reserve, and Kwa Zulu Natal. To truly see and experience everything the country has to offer, you’ll need a minimum of 20 days.

Rent a sports car and feel the wind on your face as your drive through the streets of Cape Town. With a stunning view of the Table Mountain forming a picturesque backdrop for the entire city, you’ll find sloping-roofed homes, a sparkling oceanfront, and ships and boats dotting the sea. You’ll discover the beautiful shores of an endless ocean surrounding Robben Island (where the Former President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned), peppered with seagulls nonchalantly sitting on the balustrades of your balcony.

Any sane person would not remain indoors too long when there’s so much exploring to do! Head on out and immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and culture. Dive in and experience everything from the people and the culinary experiences to the sounds, sights, and radiant colours all around you.

At the aesthetic waterfront near the Victoria and Albert Piazza, you’ll find quaint little Italian, Greek, and even a few French cafés. If you’re an acrophile, this part of the journey would be your favourite – a ride up a cable car overlooking the sheer cliffs of Table Mountain, and almost grazing the stratified rock faces below.

Take in the amazing view of Cape Town’s lakes, seas, mansions, cottages, hills, and ships, in stunning hues of silvers, teals, blues, and greens. And on the Cape Point promontory, at the tip of Africa, you’ll also see the really cool and astoundingly clear demarcation where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, but don’t mix!

The next leg of your journey will take three days, and yet go by in a blur! As you go through the seaside hamlets of Hout Bay, Camps Bay, Fish Hoek, Kalk Bay, Parson’s Nose, Simons Town, Trappies Cave, Vasco De Gama Point, you’ll eventually get to the tip, where the serene blues and the bright greens meet, in what could be an interpretation of paradise on earth.

The area would feel like a place right out of a fairytale when you spot the lighthouse for the first time, against the brilliant sky. During your quick lunch, (you have so much more to do after all), be sure to try the Kingclip, a local fish delicacy with some local South African red wine! Any cafe or restaurant around the area would possess stunning backdrops to all the more enjoy your meal.

The next part of your journey will take you over to Port Elizabeth from the stunning capital of Cape Town. Head down to the wine county at Stellenbosch, going through Franschhoek, where you can enjoy tours of enchanting pastoral wineries and chateaus, and of course, taste the various and delicious types of wines. If you’re lucky, you might also spot zebras, ostriches, wildebeests, cheetahs or an impala.

On the way to Phinda, South Africa’s special jewel, by road, you’ll once again spot a lot of animals! Either imposing giants like the African elephant and a giraffe, or herbivores like the Cape buffalo, zebras and rhinos. You might even spot a predator like a cheetah, or a lion (it is Africa, after all)!

The country of South Africa is grandiose, picturesque, and even humbling in its entirety, with humbling proximity to nature. With a wide range of activities and views, the country has something for everybody, and is thus the perfect place for a family vacation!         – Devanshi