Kylie Jenner And BFF Jordyn Woods Get Pulled Over – Jordyn Woods Birthday Party Details!

Reality star and beauty industry mogul Kylie Jenner was busy celebrating her best friend Jordyn Wood’s 21st birthday weekend on September 23rd. The two girls were spotted enjoying at a party thrown for Wood’s, but drama started when they decided to leave the party and head home, according to Although neither Jenner nor Woods was driving, their car got pulled over. Not much context was given as the cop car was only seen in a snap shared by Jenner. The best friends were seen giggling as blue and red lights flashed from behind the car, seen through the back windows of the stopped car. “Tryna be a hater right now,” Jordyn joked, adding, “We got pulled over.”

Jordyn was joined by the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and her beau, Travis Scott, on Thursday to kick off her birthday weekend. Kylie took this opportunity to debut her new bubblegum pink hair. They celebrated with a small dinner at Petite Taqueria located in West Hollywood,with an insider revealing to E! News, "It was very small and private on the upstairs area of the restaurant. They all looked like they were having a blast together and were enjoying their privacy. Jordyn and Kylie were inseparable at the table, and were laughing the entire time. Both girls looked really happy and were having a fun dinner."

"Several dishes were brought to the table such as nachos, taquitos, guacamole and endless margaritas," the insider continues. "Dessert was brought to the table with sparkler candles, and everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to Jordyn and cheered loudly. Kylie and Jordyn had a moment during dinner where Kylie told her how much she loved her and appreciated her, but there was no 'speech' made."

The group then made their way to Poppy night club where the two BFF’s danced the night away. Jenner even gifted Woods a car! Where can we find a BFF like her?

-Rubaina Bilgrami