Kunafa (or Kanafeh) – Palestine

Originally known as Kanafeh Nabulsieh, the lip-smacking dessert is said to have originated in the Palestinian city of Nablus, which is where people say it got its original name. The sweet and savoury dessert is a journey of flavours, textures, and temperatures. It is made up of a molten cheese base, covered with a topping of a type of pastry dough called kataifi and milk cream, or it may be topped with vermicelli which is golden baked to crispy perfection. The dessert is then doused in sugar-based syrup which makes it pasty, juicy, and adds flavour and sweetness. Pistachios are also added on top to add an extra crunch, and the dish is best enjoyed piping hot. In some cases, orange food colouring is added to give it its iconic colour. Traditionally served during Ramadan but also found year-round in certain places, the magic of the kunafa lies in the cheese base, which makes it so rich that one might not be able to finish an entire one alone. However, we think that every bite is worth the sinful pleasure this Arabic delicacy gives!     - Pic: youtube.com