Kodaline Doesn’t Just Want To Find Somebody Anymore

The Irish indie rock band, Kodaline has been gearing up for their fourth studio album, Politics of Living set to release on August 10 of this year. After the positive reception of singles ‘Brother’ and ‘Follow Your Fire’, they have now released the lyric video to one more track from the album, ‘Shed A Tear’.

A drift away from the melancholic vibe of Kodaline, the new single is slightly more upbeat and has gospel-like back vocals while Steve Garrigan belts out the positive message of the song. “When nobody's here for you, Let me make it clear that, I shed a, I shed a tear” he says, encouraging the listener to go on even when all hope seems lost. The band has come a long way since their hits like ‘All I Want’ as far as self-love and spreading positive vibes goes.

Check out Kodaline’s new and improved lyrical avatar here:


- Tanya Francis