Kim Kardashian Gets Called ‘Skinny and Anorexic’ – Gets Backlash For Reacting With Joy

After Kim Kardashian shared some videos of her sister Kendall Jenner complaining to her that she is getting too skinny and calling her anorexic, the reality star’s response irked some fans. She responded with absolute glee, after getting to her lowest weight ever which is 119 pounds. Her concerned sisters are worried that the star is not eating right and fans are now upset at Kim’s reaction. Kendall told her backstage at a July 29th poker tournament in Los Angeles, “I don’t think you’re eating. Like you look so skinny.” Kim’s reply was a high pitched, “Whaaaat? Whaaaaat? Oh my god thank you!” Her other sister, Khloe Kardashian, also called her anorexic later which seemed to really thrill Kim. Fans immediately responded with backlash, accusing the star of promoting eating disorders and setting a bad example.

It seems like the mom of three is almost always involved in some controversy, having recently caused drama due to her photoshopped images which were meant to promote her new ‘Kimoji’ fragrances. Fans have now taken to Twitter to throw some shade at Kardashian, writing, “To anyone who watched Kim Kardashian’s insta story where everyone went around a circle and praised her for ‘looking like she’s not eating’ and being ‘soooo skinny’ – this is your reminder that you don’t have to be thin to be gorgeous.” Fans also ripped on the star for promoting appetite suppressant lollipop, writing, “@KimKardashian what kind of bullsh*t message does this send out to your mainly young and female audience, especially after the lolly ad.” What made the video worse was how Kim went on to brag about her weight, saying, “I’m down to 119 lbs,” which looked like she was fishing for compliments. She went on to add, “I will say when I take out my hair extensions I am less.” “Kimberly I can literally see through you!” exclaimed Khloe, adding, “Your hair extensions, your ass, your tits, everything, they’re heavy, cause she’s f**king voluptuous. But she’s anorexic here [points to her waist], her arms are like pin thin, they’re like my pinky!” Looks like Kim has some explaining to do to her fans.

- Rubaina Bilgrami - Picture Courtesy – Kim Kardashian Instagram