Kichcha Sudeepa toasts 25 years in films at Burj Khalifa, launches title logo of Vikrant Rona

Actor Kichcha Sudeepa celebrated 25 years in films on the Burj Khalifa, and also unveiled the title logo of his upcoming multilingual film, Vikrant Rona, on the occasion at the iconic skyscraper.

“Much love to the Vikrant Rona team and all the people who were involved in putting together this wonderful event. The entire Indian film industry and the viewers have been very generous with the love they have showered on me over the years and I treasure it with all my heart,” Kichcha Sudeepa said.

Sudeepa’s Vikrant Rona was supposed to be one of the first big-budget films to have arrived on floors in the pandemic’s early days. The title logo and a 180-second sneak-peek of the film was superimposed on Burj Khalifa.

Director Anup Bhandari said: “I am glad that through Vikrant Rona we got to be part of Sudeepa sir’s 25th anniversary in cinema. The world has witnessed iconic adventure heroes like James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Sherlock Holmes. Vikrant Rona is an attempt to create a new adventure hero from India.”

Producer Jack Manjunath added: “We wish Sudeepa sir, big love, on clocking in 25 years in Indian cinema. This film offers an extraordinary hero to the Indian Diaspora across the world and a vicarious adventure of a lifetime. It is amazing to have Sudeepa sir’s presence and the abundant energy he brings into the film. The first glimpse on Burj Khalifa reflected it wonderfully.”