Khubani ka Meetha

Khubani ka Meetha is a famous Hyderabadi sweet made with delicious apricots. It is commonly eaten during special occasions like weddings. This sweet is quite simple to make and it will definitely leave you drooling and you will surely ask for a second serving.  

Ingredients               Qty
Apricots                    200 grams
Sugar                        300 grams
Dry fruits                    handful


  • First step to make this delicious sweet dish is to soak the apricots overnight in hot water.
  • Next morning, remove the apricots from soaked water , and cut them in equal halves and remove the seed.
  • Now, take the soaked apricots, and cook them on high heat. Once they start boiling reduce the flame. To this add sugar and keep stirring until it becomes thick.
  • Serve it hot or cold. This sweet dish goes well with vanilla ice cream or custard.

-Akhila Kakarala
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