Khatti Meethi Kiwifruit Chuski

Time: 8 chuskis in 25 minutes

Ingredients                                                               Qty
sungold Kiwifruit, peeled and chopped              8-10
cup powdered sugar                                                1/2
cup water                                                                   1⁄4
Zespri green Kiwifruit chunks                              2 tbsp
lemon juice (for the khatta)                                 1 tbsp
few ice cream sticks to prick                              
saffron in warm water                                        3 strands

•    Place saffron sugar & water in a saucepan & stir over low heat until the sugar dissolves fully.
•    Remove from heat & cool.
•    Puree the Sungold Kiwifruit and lemon juice in blender.
•    Strain the puree to get a fine pulp.
•    Stir the puree into the sugar syrup and mix well.
•    Put the Green kiwifruit chunks at the bottom of shot glasses or popsicle tray and add the yellow
•    pulp on top and freeze.
•    When half frozen, insert a stick into each chuski and freeze completely.

About Zespri:
The Zespri brand is recognised as the world leader in premium quality kiwifruit–offering different varieties such as Zespri Green, Zespri Gold, Zespri SunGold, Zespri Organic and Zespri Sweet Green on shop shelves around the world.

Based in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, Zespri is 100 percent owned by kiwifruit growers, employing over 500 people across New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America. Zespri® is also a member of the New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre (a collaboration between Government, industry and researchers) that is focused on helping protect and enhance the reputation of food produced by New Zealand and protect public health.

Keeping Natural breeding techniques at its core, Zespri partners with Plant and Food Research using only natural plant crosses in what is the world’s largest kiwifruit breeding programme. (Natural plant breeding is a key long term driver of enhanced sustainability in growing methods and economic performance).