Kendall Jenner On Caitlyn Jenner

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Kendall Jenner talks about her Struggles with Caitlyn’s transition.

Kendall Jenner who landed the cover of Vogue’s iconic September issue, admitted it was difficult to watch her dad become a woman.

“We had ATVs and go-carts, and I grew up riding them all the time, which is why I’m a good driver. It’s super ironic to think about now, but it’s something I can thank my dad for: how much of a tomboy I was,” Jenner told Vogue.  “That’s why I think the whole thing – her transition – was really hard for me, because I was like, ‘But you taught me everything, tomboy!'” she says of her father Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn.


Kendall continued, “She would wake up really early just so she could dress up and move around the house and get that little kick for the morning, and then go back to being Bruce—take us to school, totally normal,” Kendall says.  “So one morning I woke up at 4:00 a.m. so thirsty, came downstairs into the kitchen, and grabbed a bottle of water. And as I was coming back out, my dad was coming down the stairs in, like, a wig and makeup and shoes—the full nine. And she didn’t see me. I literally froze. Please don’t turn left. Because she could either turn left or turn right. Thank God she turned right and—to this day!—has no idea that happened. That was the first time I had ever seen her,” Jenner reveals.  

 Kendall claims Kris Jenner was fully aware of Caitlyn’s behaviour behind closed doors, admitting, “My mom knew. She knew since their third date.”

“Sometimes I look at a picture of my dad when she was a guy, and it makes me a little sad – I get emotional. You have to get past it – you’ve got a new person to love. It’s kind of a blessing in disguise – if that’s not the wrong way to say it,” the 20-year-old supermodel revealed.

-Devashree Goenka

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