Keep It Clean!

Makeup is one of the biggest weapons a woman has. It instills confidence by enhancing women’s natural beauty, making them feel flawless, fierce, and ready to take on the world. The beauty industry is so vast that there’s something for everyone. And recently, makeup companies have beenfocusing on providing products that appeal to all kinds of skin types and skin tones, leaving no one out of the game.

Although makeup is part of most women’s daily routine, one key aspect that is sometimes ignored is the need to keep everything hygienic. Unhygienic makeup habits can lead to rashes, skin infections, or acne breakouts that can even cause permanent damage. But don’t worry; here are three essential tips to keep your makeup routine squeaky clean. Read and follow!

Sanitising is key

Although this one is a bit obvious, we can’t stress how important this step is. We touch many things on a daily basis, which contain a lot of bacteria. Sanitising your hands before touching your face will help you eliminate the germs. Otherwise, you may be inviting breakouts and skin issues that are caused by the bacteria on those fingertips. So soap up your paws before dipping your fingers into that tub of concealer!

Sharing is not always caring

We rarely hesitate saying yes to a close friend who wants to try our products, like a lipstick or an eye shadow. But this could be risky. The bacterial build-up on the wand can be transferred onto your friend’s lashes, which could lead to infections such as pink-eye or styes. To avoid this, you must clean your products before and after your friend uses them. You should also try to wash your makeup brushes once a week, or at least once a month. Brushes, which touch your face frequently, can be a breeding ground for bacteria. This can cause harmful germs to cultivate on your face, leading to all kinds of skin problems. A textured silicone surface to wash your brushes will come in handy here!

Out with the old

YES, makeup has an expiry date, and NO, it doesn’t just mean ‘best before’, like with food items. Makeup can be expensive, and it’s common to try to make the most of it. However, this can sometimes lead to holding onto a product way past its expiry date. So let’s bust the myth once and for all: every makeup product has a shelf life which, if exceeded, can be dangerous for your skin and sometimes even your health. Although makeup companies aren’t required to give the expiration date, the older the makeup gets, the more susceptible it is to all sorts of germs. Over time, the product will collect these germs, which get transferred onto your skin when you use them. The composition of the product will also change, making it difficult to use and more irritable to the skin. Keep an eye out for those few makeup brands that choose to provide the month and year to stop using the product. A general guideline to follow is that a mascara lasts for two or three months; lip gloss, one year; lipstick, two years; powder, two years; and foundation and concealer, six months to one year. So get rid of that old eyeliner and invest in a fresh, new one. You won’t regret it!          

- Rubaina