Keep the Calm at Home! - Parenting Tips

​​Long periods of time at home and isolating yourself during the COVID-19​ outbreak can become difficult for teaching/monitoring your child and his or her behaviour. With schools closed and many parents working from home, it’s rather the most crucial time for positive parenting and using the right approaches to discipline. Here are a few tips you can follow.

Beat boredom. Children who are bored or frustrated are more likely to act out. They don’t have school and can’t play with their friends. So keeping them busy with activities and maintaining a schedule at home can help. Use tools like time-out for disciplining them. If they do any wrong, remind them about it in as few words, with as little emotion as possible. And then remove them from the situation for the time-out (usually 1 minute per a year of their age). Also, try redirecting their bad behaviour.

Talk about their fears. Some children who can follow the news may become fearful of what’s going on around them. Communication is key here. Talk to them about any frightening news they hear. Apart from that, allow some time for attention. This can help reinforce good behaviour and helping the older kids feel more secured. For parents with toddler or younger kids who are trying to work from home, this period can be tough. Setting expectations, particularly with older kids can help.

Take care of yourself. Parents should be sure to take care of themselves both physically and mentally. Try to eat healthy, exercise, and sleep. Find ways to relax and take frequent breaks. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or especially stressed, try to understand that the current problem doesn’t represent an immediate danger and that this situation is not permanent. Many a times, this will help deflate the panic and impulse to lash out at your children physically or verbally.    - Sumana