Katy Perry Launching Shoe Line

Katy Perry has partnered with Global Brands Group to launch her own shoe line.

“[Footwear] was a part of me that needed to be carefully created and developed, and I had to weigh a lot of my options,” Perry told Footwear News in an exclusive interview. “So for about three years, I was educating myself on the business and [thinking about] who would be a great partner.”

“You are what you wear, right?” she told Footwear News. “It’s one of those things where I really love the line and I’m excited by it. It’s not like you’ll never see me in a pair of Adidas slides ever again. And you’ll [probably still] see me on the streets wearing Uggs.”

Katy Perry Footwear, a collection of 40 shoe styles ranging from platform heels to sneakers and shower slides including shoes with cigar-shaped heels inspired by her visit to Cubawon’t break the bank asprices range from $59 to $299.

Not everybody is rich, and not everybody is excessive," she said. "And everybody has more important things to spend their money on - whether it's their children, or their family or their health. At the end of the day, your personality shouldn't be so expensive to display."  

The collection will be released in the spring (17) and will available online and in select stores.

-Devashree Goenka