Katrina Kaif talks about what turns women on

Katrina Kaif’s boyfriends are a string of the best looking, fit and successful men. The actress then sure knows what it takes to make her or any woman get weak in the knees when it comes to men and what make women happy.

She spoke to Men’s World India on what turns women on and how an intellectual and emotional connect is most important in any relationship.

    “The harder you try, the worse you make it for yourself. A woman likes a man who is easygoing and confident.
    Connecting at an intellectual or emotional level is very important for us. Intelligence is a virtue.
    We rarely like men who are fickle and indecisive, even if it concerns deciding which restaurant to eat at.
    It would put me off if someone buys me a flower or takes me to a candlelit dinner. I will probably fall asleep. I’m a very spontaneous person and I like to do fun things such as going for a drive or a hike.
    What turns women on is a sense of trust — a man who is trustworthy, loyal and has conviction in his beliefs.
    We like our space as much as you do. Sometimes, we just like to be home alone. It could be that we are tired, or don’t want to deal with things, have to be at work early, take a flight out of the city in the middle of the night, want a night out with our girlfriends or just want to be alone for no particular reason.
We believe men gossip as much as women. Or, even more.
    We rarely tell you the entire truth. We know you can’t handle that.
    We’re not trying to replace your mother. So, we won’t pick up after you, may not want to cook a meal for you, may not even feel very sympathetic towards you, particularly, if we believe you’re being difficult.”
Touche, Miss Kaif. Men, please take note!

- Text courtesy: Men’s World