Karuvepullai-Grilled Pineapple with Chettinad Chicken

Ingredients                                                   Qty

boneless chicken (Chettinad masala)        100 gm
star anise                                                     5 gm
marati moggu                                              2 gm
garam masala (whole)                                2 gm
coconut (dry)                                               30 gm
coriander seeds                                          2 gm
red chillies                                                   2 pieces
peppercorn                                                 5-6 pieces
fennel                                                          2 gm
jeera                                                            2 gm
pattar phool                                                 2 gm
onion                                                           20 gm
tomato                                                        15 gm
curry leaves                                                5 gm
chilli powder                                               4 gm
nutmeg & mace                                         6 gm
pineapple (sliced)                                      5-6 pieces
mayonnaise                                              30 gm

For the salsa

tomatoes                                                    20 gm
onion                                                          10 gm
coriander                                                    10 gm
green chilli (chopped)                                5 gm
olive oil                                                       10 ml
lemon juice                                                 5 ml
salt                                                             to taste


1.   Wash the boneless chicken, dice into small pieces, and set aside. Grind the Chettinad masala.
2.   Add oil to a frying pan and temper with jeera, coriander, fennel, red chillies and curry leaves. Add chopped onion       and sauté until golden-brown. Add chopped tomatoes and cook together. Add the Chettinad masala and                   chicken. Cook until dry, adding salt and chilli powder.
3.   For the salsa, chop tomato, onion, green chilli and coriander. Mix them with lime juice, salt and pepper.
4.   Grill the pineapple slices. Using cling wrap, overlap the pineapple one by one. Smear with mayo and place the          Chettinad chicken. Roll firmly and knot them both by the ends. Cool in a refrigerator. Once set, cut into half and       serve with salsa.