Karan Johar tells Ayushmann Khurrana how to keep extramarital affairs at bay

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana turned to Karan Johar for advice on how to keep extramarital affairs at bay, and the filmmaker gave a quick suggestion.

This happened as part of the second season of ISHQ 104.8 FM's popular show Calling Karan.

Ayushmann, worried about how women approach him for an extramarital affair, asked Karan, "How should I say no to women who call me for extramarital affairs? Politely turning them down that you know I am a married man... How should I do this?"

Karan had a quick solution to Ayushmann's problem, read a statement.

Karan Johar

"For the girls in the world to know that there are men like you too that actually want to give an alarm sound to those who are hitting on you, do so by saying that 'Listen I am married'. Well, it's very simple, it's the oldest trick in the world, Ayushmann.

"Just laugh at something she says. Like 'Oh God, you are so funny! My wife would love you'. Or something similar, like 'Oh! You look so pretty, where did you get it? I want to gift something like this to my wife'. There are a hundred ways of telling her that you have a wife."