Kajal Aggarwal takes a 100-day fitness challenge!

Kajal Aggarwal, the already-fit actress, is now planning to push her efforts a bit more forward! In her recent Instagram post, Kajal Aggarwal said that she is now striving hard towards getting ultra, super fit – all in a matter of just 100 days! She is already undoubtedly one of the fittest and has the most inspiring body in Tolly town. But now, she is all set to take a 100-day fitness challenge!

Here’s how the actress made her new resolution announcement – “So guys, I'm on a 100-day challenge to transform my body with this brilliant magician who truly understands each person body, #fullrespect where to push and what/how much to eat- while making it all seem easy and fun. Thankfully, he doesn't believe in anything artificial and ensures nutrition is derived from the simplicity of your kitchen! His main priority is always nutrition and health with aesthetics being the bonus out of the program (same as my approach) I'm really excited to start this coach @coach_sriram let's do this. If you guys want to try this, follow his online programs (I do the same due to my constant travel), which allow you to work out at home using body weight in case of no availability of machines and monitor your diet as well. Tell me how it goes post 100 days. See you on the other side.”

She also posted a picture along with her new fitness coach Sriram. She calls him a magician, and seems to have put all her trust in him!    - IANS