Justin Bieber Making Hailey Baldwin Sign A Prenup

Model Hailey Baldwin and singer Justin Bieber’s love affair has been the talk of the town ever since their whirlwind engagement. Fans are glad that Bieber actually looks really happy with Baldwin, considering that he has constantly been seen out and about with the model packing on endless amounts of PDA. The lovebirds had hit the news with full force once again when they were seen at a New York City courthouse to get their marriage license earlier this week. Fans were shocked to learn that no prenup was in order for the couple, considering the ‘I’m The One’ singer makes way more than Baldwin does. However, it looks like the fan predictions were correct as sources told TMZ that the two have hired lawyers and are going to negotiate a pre-nuptial agreement. Although it will be awkward for them to discuss money, the agreement is extremely important and healthy for their relationship as this will prove to Justin that the 21-year-old is not in it for the Bieb’s money. If you check online, the internet tells you that Justin is estimated at roughly $265 million, while Baldwin, who is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin making her the niece of actor Alec Baldwin, is worth around $2 million. Some thought the two won’t get prenups due to their religious beliefs and devotion to each other, but looks like someone knocked some sense into the love-struck couple and the two are doing the right thing, especially considering that even fans of the two don’t see them lasting very long. Then there is also the issue of their ages, as the two are much too young to be rushing into a marriage so early. Putting all this aside, we wish the couple good luck and we’re pretty sure the wedding will take place very soon as the marriage certificate is valid only for 60 days! (wink, wink!)

- Rubaina Bilgrami