Just Impeccable! - Sonam K Ahuja

Normally, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word “travel” is that it’s time for a vacation. But with the coronavirus creating mayhem  worldwide, leisure travel has become a big no for the near future. But don’t fret too much; when it’s safe to travel again, you can consider the exciting vacation destinations we’ve put together for you in Feature Story.

Gracing our cover is Sonam K. Ahuja, who’s undoubtedly a huge, stylish star, always drawing stares everywhere she goes. Her image as a fashionista is larger than her image as an actress! She shows us that travel can be more than just packing your bags and flying away. Be it chilling with her bae Anand Ahuja in LA or spending quality time with her family in Bali, she does it in style. Move to Cover Story to hear what the globetrotter has to say.
In People in Focus, we have Abha Bunty Sawhney, who talks to us about her work and more. Bunty is an advisor and founding member of The Partition Museum in Amritsar.
She’s also the Executive Director of the Sanskriti Center in New York – an institute for Indian culture, arts and education, which also works with The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Asia Society. 

In In the Spotlight, we have an amiable and charming lady, Syeda Mirza. She’s the author of the book Agha Aly Asker, which is based on her husband’s great-grandfather.
The book is her attempt to re-tell the story of the 16-year-old boy who came from a privileged family in Shiraz, in Iran, and highlights the role he played in saving the state of Mysuru from being completely annexed by the British.
While there’s no doubt that we are all living in uncertain times, soothing and calming the nervous system is important for balancing and maintaining one’s health. And studies suggest that excessive stress – which is sadly the state for many of us during this pandemic – can overwhelm and prematurely age the body. We share a few valuable techniques to help remain calm in Mind & Body.
Rahim Latif reviews Perrine, a restaurant located at The Pierre, a Taj Hotel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. A restaurant that sets a high standard for great service, it features a variety of absolutely divine flavours, he says. Turn to Haute Table for the deets!
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