John Cena: My acting career mirrors my journey in WWE

Professional wrestler and actor John Cena finds a lot of similarities between acting and wrestling. In an interview to Collider, John spoke about his transition from wrestling to acting.

"It kind of mirrors the path that I was fortunate enough to take in WWE. I came from obscurity kind of like most all of us do. There are only a few WWE superstars that are chosen from the second they walk in as like, 'Hey, we're going to push this guy as a main event guy. This guy's going to be a player.'

"I kind of struggled to find identity and had to earn every inch. Not saying that the other way of the process is bad. But when you begin to make connections and you believe in your work and you have passion in what you do, you start getting larger and larger opportunities which are merely a chance to either make or break yourself," John said.



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