Jewellery Trends For The Modern Woman

Nature has been an immense source of inspiration for creative minds across the globe since time immemorial. The exquisite splendour of flora and fauna has encouraged creative artists to capture them into their timeless masterpieces. From the ever so beautiful peacock patterns in your neck pieces to the fruity earrings for the quirky kids, nature has stood tall in rousing designers to recreate its beauty in all of its glory, across decades. Trends are constantly evolving while the source of inspiration remains eternally constant.

We have witnessed some exciting developments in creative design of jewellery over the course of last year. This year is all about the glitz and glamour in the bijoux world. Below are the top trends we are set to witness in the world of jewellery design in 2015! Get set to know more about all things trinkets, rings, charms and more.

Colour, colour and more colour – Diamonds have dominated the industry for many decades now. The new trend reveals a splash of colour in the category with the sea of sparkling ice has, little by little, become brightened by colours of all kinds, giving a new face to a girl’s best friend.
Experiment with stones – Gone are the days when jewellers and customers relied heavily on the conventional rubies and emeralds. 2015 has brought along with it the ability to experiment with unconventional stones. The jewellery industry is witnessing increased usage in corals and turquoise stones. Interesting combinations of stones are resulting in innovation, one-of-a-kind designs that are preferred by modern women.
 Rose is the new yellow – India is known to produce jewellery in the sunny metal. But this year, There’s lots of evidence that even though yellow gold will remain popular, rose gold is making a fashionable entry into new age jewellery. Rose gold is being increasingly utilized in creating jewellery of all formats and is the new face of “Jewellery Elegance”.
Enamel is back – Remember the good old enamel jewellery? We know you miss it. It’s back and here to stay in 2015! More and more jewellers are adapting to enamel jewellery and attempting new creations by fusing colours and unconventional gem stones.
The reign of the solitaires – Solitaires are every girl’s dreams and has managed to retain its position this 2015. When it comes to solitaires, this year has nothing drastic to offer; no revolutionary change or innovation in this category. Solitaires are still set with micro pave stones around the hero piece.

Long is the way to go – Long chains and neck pieces will complement the beautiful employed women’s attire and will dominate the contemporary jewellery scene, preferred by the empowered working class.

Uniqueness in bridal wear – How many of us are aware that about 66 pieces of jewellery complete a south Indian bride? Bridal wear is all set to accentuate different parts of the bride’s face and frame. Exclusivity and originality, being the central theme of them all. Distinctive pieces of ornaments will dominate bridal wear with young women preferring quirky wedding jewellery with a hint of traditionalism.       .....Ms. Seema Mehta