Jewel Tones – Prakshi Sharma talks with you & I

by pavan

Prakshi is the creative head and designer of Prakshi Fine Jewellery, a brand that began quite by accident. After spending some time in New York, she moved back to India to start her brand.

Tell us something about yourself and what brought about your interest in jewellery
My jewellery making journey began as an ‘accidental love’, which instantly grew into a compelling passion. I spent two years in New York City to follow my dream; there I was trained by the best in the industry. I followed my heart after completing my Bachelor’s in economics, to pursue a course in jewellery design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. While pursuing this I was exposed to international design aesthetics and sensibilities, owing to which I recognised the need and the market for chic and contemporary ready-to-wear, fine jewellery in India. My education and upbringing exposed me to both Indian and Western cultures, which is magnificently manifest in my work. I have always been passionate about jewellery, and one day I decided to channel this passion into my profession. I managed to create something that spreads beauty and joy through exquisite jewellery. Being a perfectionist at heart, my creativity found expression in the art of jewellery design. I firmly believe that when you follow your passion, you can achieve every goal in life.

I am a nature lover and I want to discover the beauty embedded in nature. Jewellery design is my passion and I harmonise my love with my passion. It was an honour for me to be awarded the prestigious Best Bridal Jewellery Design award for my designs by the industry leader, Carolee. It was also displayed at the renowned high street brand, Bloomingdale’s.

What’s the best part about what you do?
The element of creativity! I love to challenge my own artistic ability to prove to be better and better with each jewel we produce.

What inspires you, and how do you stay relevant in an age of constantly changing trends?
Jewellery is something that is part of my life. I always want to come up with new ideas, inspirations and designs that have not been created before. The young generation is fashion-conscious and is aware of the latest fashion and jewellery trends. So instead of the old-school style of visiting stores and purchasing jewellery from the selection available, today’ fashion-savvy women indulge in detailed research before buying any piece. Customers are now open to experimenting, and usually prefer exclusive and customised jewellery to mark their special occasions.

What place do fashion and style have in your life?
Fashion and style area priority for me, as I am in the field of jewellery design and it is very important for me to look presentable. I refer to a lot of fashion trends that help me look smart, and also confident. How you present yourself portrays your personality.

What kind of women do you design for?
Women who usually want something a little different and those who have their own style.

Who do you fell are some of the most stylish people in India and abroad?
I believe the most stylish people in India are Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, and abroad it is Rihanna.

What are some of your other passions and interests?
I love to workout, whether in the gym or even for just a walk. I also love to travel.    -as told to Suneela

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