JENNIFER LOPEZ - Ultimate Glam Icon

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is always demonstrating that she doesn’t just dominate when it comes to movies and music – she’s also the ultimate modern glam icon.  Not only was she outrageously hot when she hit the scene in the late 90s but she still looks almost exactly the same 25 years later.
Jennifer Lopez can rock everything from tight jeans around the block to her infamous booty-baring leotards. Often turning up at swanky premieres in just a smattering of sequins or a web of Versace ribbons, and with her incredible figure, she always looks stunning. She’s mastered the art of injecting sex appeal into her style while not being completely overtaken by the idea of sexy.
Never afraid to try something new, J Lo experiments constantly with colour in her polished wardrobe and knows how to strike a stunning balance between super-glamorous and fun looks. From bright green suits to a rainbow of goddess gowns, she can literally pull off anything. Her red-carpet appearances are always bold and sensual, accentuated by fitting dresses that have established her as one of the hottest fashionistas in Hollywood.
Lopez has a signature aesthetic she rarely strays from and her style resonates so much with consumers that she has her own brand. The pop star launched her clothing line, “J.LO” in 2001. Today, she has a line of clothing and home decor products for sale at Kohl’s.
The pioneer of the sheer dress trend, the Puerto Rican beauty loves her fashion and takes it so seriously that she reportedly has developed a high-tech system that tracks everything she has ever worn.

The mother-of-two made a huge impact when she hit the red carpet at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards in 2000, wearing the infamous Versace gown that remains her boldest and most iconic look. The singer may not have won any awards that night, but it’s easy to see why she still managed to score tons of headlines. In fact, the singer and her green tropical gown made such an impression that she was the most searched for query in Google’s then-young life. Her red carpet looks repeatedly top the best-dressed list and the chanteuse has worked numerous unforgettable ensembles since wearing beautiful Zuhair Murad embellished designs to most awards ceremonies to working everything from Valentino to Versace.