Jennifer Lopez to receive MTV’S VMA Awards

Here is a good news for all J.Lo fans, Jennifer will be performing at the MTV Video Awards 2018. She will also take an award. 

MTV announced the news via Facebook. J.Lo hasn’t performed since 2001 at the VMA’s. 

No would forget, J.lo and her stormed up dance for a full minute performance before belting out “I’m Real” with Ja Rule: 

J.Lo has 21 nominations in VMA, is up for two moon persons this year for her DJ Khaled and Cardi B collab, Dinero. Her  Vanguard title will put her among the famous group that includes Rihanna, Beyoncé, Madonna, Kanye West, and last year’s recipient, P!nk.

If there is a bonus award on August 20theverybody is hoping its J.Lo at the VMA. 

- Mantika kaur kandhari
Pic courtesy: Jennifer Lopez Instagram