Jelly Bath Bombs By Lush

 Leading cosmetic company Lush, known for their handmade skin and hair care products infused with vegetables and fruits has launched a new skin care product Jelly bombs, a bath bomb that turn water into jelly.

Jelly bombs contain sodium alginate, which is extracted from seaweed. When dropped into a tab of warm water the sodium alginate is released and turns water into jelly leaving the skin soft and radiant. The jelly bombs come in four different varieties: Green Coconut, a green and white coloured bomb with a tropical fragrance; The Big Sleep, turquoise colour with a lavender smell; Dark Arts, a grey coloured bomb with cinnamon fragrance and Marmalade, orange and yellow coloured bomb with a citrus smell.

These Jelly bombs are currently available on Lush’s UK website, however there is no exact date on when they will be made available in other places.

-Akhila Kakarala
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