Executive Chef John Biswas
John Biswas is the executive chef at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Hyderabad Banjara Hills. After working in several fine dine hotels in the Middle East and travelling to various places to explore food and culture, he brings with him vast knowledge and experience in making innovative and mouth-watering dishes.

Ingredients                        Qty

chicken cubes
coloured bell peppers
coriander leaves
cooking cream
amul cheese
green chillies
nutmeg powder
refined flour
bread loaf
cardamom powder
75 gms (chopped)
30 gms (chopped)
30 gms (chopped)
10gms (chopped)
20 gms
100 ml
50 ml
10 gms (chopped)
100 gms
5 gms
20 gms
as per your choice
to taste
3 mg


1. To make a roux- On low flame, take a vessel and add 20 gms of butter and 20 gms of flour. Add 75 ml cream, nutmeg powder and cook until it becomes semi-thick. Check for seasoning and keep this aside.

2. In another pan, add butter, onions and chicken cubes. Cook for 10 minutes. To this, add chopped coloured peppers, chopped tomatoes, coriander leaves, grated mawa, and chopped chillies. Cook all the ingredients for about 5 minutes. Add cardamom powder and check seasoning.

3. Take this aside and mix half of the grated Amul cheese.

4. Slice the bread pieces and spread a generous amount of butter. Now put the cooked mixture in the centre.

5. Toast the sandwich with butter until it becomes golden brown on both sides.

6. Top it off with white sauce and add half of the grated Amul cheese.

7. Now bake in an oven for about 3-5 minutes.

8. Serve this delicious sandwich with potato chips and tomato ketchup.